LAEX - The LA Labor Exchange

We are LAEX

Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a changin'” and at every turn, technology advances our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. We didn’t invent the staffing industry, we just reinvented it. 😉

LAEX - The LA Labor Exchange

We are LAEX

Bob Dylan once said, “The Times They Are A Changin'” …at every turn technology advances our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, and we believe Staffing should be no different. We didn’t invent the staffing industry, we just reinvented it. 😉

The Solution For Everyone

Looking for a new Gig? We help our candidates obtain a better lifestyle, by leveraging the GIG economy where you are free to choose which job you work today. Plus get awesome benefits such as No-Cost Healthcare, Pension Program and much more!

How would you like to earn more, be the boss and run your own staffing company without the crazy business administration that it takes to manage one? Continue being the Recruiting Rockstar that you are and focus solely on taking care of your candidates.

Do you require on-demand talent? Tired of unfilled orders, confusing fees & billing issues? Want to reduce employment costs too? Introducing a new staffing model powered by the GIG economy. With the labor exchange its a WIN-WIN for Employees, Recruiters, and Business Owners!

Benefits for Employers

The best people should get paid for the best results. LAEX is the staffing industry reinvented where employees, recruiters, and employers win together. Here are a few awesome benefits for employers.

Top Recruiters

Recruiters want to work with us since they can be their own boss and earn more.

Better Performance Metrics

Providing snapshots of key contractor info, timesheet, invoice data and more.

Simplified Administration

Because you have better things to do, like create, sell and grow your business.

Standardized Vendor Agreements

With standardized agreements, it helps minimize the chaos and boost productivity.

Risk Mitigation

Built on a strong foundation which minimizes frequent & inflated risks.

Cost Reduction & Containment

Eliminate excessive waste in your business, boost revenues and company growth.

Michael Dimanno

“I’ve spoken with countless business owners and they all are feeling the same pain when it comes to explosive employment costs. Not to mention dealing with workers comp fraud and litigation matters, unfilled staffing orders, confusing fees and billing issues and nowhere to turn for help. We are going to change that with LAEX.”

Michael DiManno


A Massive Pool of Talent Where You Need Them

Choose from our massive selection of candidates, verified by rockstar staffing recruiters and previous employers’ reviews that endorse their credibility.

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You can relax knowing LAEX is managed by a team of rockstar professionals who have more than seventy-five years of combined industry experience.

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